Sunday, 30 September 2012

nordic poetry

playsuit: nordic poetry*, necklace: kukee

Nordic Poetry is a website that I've only just come across recently and I have to say that I absolutely love their clothes especially as it's very retro/vintage! The lovely Ameli sent me over this beautiful playsuit and I think it has the cutest print ever. As you can see, it has a tiny little floral print repeated all around it and I think it's a nice piece to work with for every season. In the summer it would look cute with some sandals, and in the a/w I can see it looking equally as nice paired with tights and ankle boots, a knit or maybe with my green parka jacket. Taken from the website, "Nordic Poetry was set up in the depths of East London’s bustling Spitalfields market, by a Scandinavian girl" and I love how it's now available online meaning everyone has access and no-one misses out! If you have a browse on the website, you'll see a lot of leather, denim, prints, knits etc so definitely worth checking out when shopping for your a/w wardrobe!

You've probably noticed I'm not in front of the usual brick wall where I take my outfit photos, the lighting wasn't how I wanted it outside etc so thought I'd have a bit of a change, let me know what you think! Been really busy with college these past few weeks but hopefully there will be some new posts popping up over the next few days.

Do you like the playsuit? Have you ever visited Nordic Poetry online before?

Laura x


  1. oh that playsuit is so cute, love the pattern :)


  2. The pattern of that playsuit I really like - plus it gives you a gorgeous silhouette even though it isn't fitted. xx

  3. All of your outfit posts are flawless, I wish I had your wardrobe! xx

  4. This playsuit is lovely, it's very quaint, I'm going to check out the website now! Also you look very pretty :) xx

  5. that playsuit is absolutely gorgeous! I love the ditsy floral print, it looks so nice with that contrasting necklace xx

  6. You look very pretty, love the playsuit! And that necklace is so nice! xx

  7. Your playsuit is absolutely beautiful. What a find... definitely going to have a gander on the website after seeing this :).
    Kaz x

  8. Not usually a big fan of playsuits but that one is gorgeous! And the necklace is fab:-). xo

  9. Wow the playsuit is gorgeous, and loving the layers to the necklace! :)


  10. I absolutely love this playsuit! I'm definitely going to check out that webshop now!!! I feel like I'm saying this everything your wearing it but I adore your necklace!

  11. Love this playsuit, really suits you :) checking out the website now ox

  12. I love this playsuit and how it fits :) I have never heard of them but will defo check them out now! x



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