Sunday, 7 October 2012


studded collar top, shorts, bag: primark, jumper: topshop

This is one of my favourite daytime outfits especially for going to college in, shopping, general day to day things like that, mainly because it's really comfortable and simple. I'm always reaching for these shorts when I can't find anything else to wear, they're perfect for pairing plain simple pieces with because the polka dots on the bottom half bring that edge to the outfit. I'm wearing a long white top underneath that has a studded collar, I can't get enough of spikes/studs recently!

Just realised the whole outfit is a mix of Primark and Topshop, I like to mix lower end pieces with the higher end high street designs. Topshop is amazing for everything but sometimes with my lack of money Primark is great for those pieces at affordable prices and I love it when I find something I really like in there, like these shorts and this bag that everyone is talking about!

Do you like the shorts? What do you think of Primark/Topshop?

Laura x


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love how you've teamed the top & jumper with those shorts! You look lovely laura!x

  2. Lovely combination of the shirt and jumper, very cute!:-) xo

  3. Oh I absolutely love this outfit! This is by far one of my favourites! Those shorts are so cuuute! I want them!

    xoxo, Laura

  4. you look so lovely!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  5. Great outfit!



  6. Gorgeous outfit :) gotta love the polka dots!
    Kaz x

  7. Those shorts are fab! I wish we had Primark and Topshop here. They're so good (from what I've seen)

    The Lovelorn

  8. I love Topshop, but the shipping here sucks! Primark don't ship here but I wish they did. Love the outfit, you look great, as always.

  9. Nice look!


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