Sunday, 13 January 2013

topshop print

jumper: topshop, tube pants: river island, necklace: miss selfridge

These tube pants are probably one of my favourite items I've got in my wardrobe at the moment. They're from river island and after eyeing them up for a while I decided to pay the £30 that is definitely justifiable! They're kind of like disco pants with the shiny texture and button at the top and they've also got pockets at the back which I like. In my opinion they're the perfect medium between trousers and leggings, they're actually so much more wearable than leggings! I've been living in them, definitely worth considering if you're looking for disco pants/tube pants.

I was given the jumper for Christmas after choosing it in topshop and I love the print! I like the oversized fit it has and layered up with a jacket and my snood it's warm and really comfy! I'm excited for s/s but not sure I'm ready to leave winter fashion behind yet, I love a/w clothes! Speaking of s/s is anyone going to LFW in february? I really want to go again but not sure I'll have time!

Laura x


  1. Gorgeous outfit, I love the jumper and the tube pants look like such a good everyday piece. Been hoping to go to LFW but honestly I have no idea in terms of logistics and if I were actually be allowed to go if that makes sense? It's quite exclusive if you know what I mean, and I worry that to be able to go your blog would have to be more established than a lil' one like mine.

  2. I love the jumper, such a lovely print! I have these tube pants in blue, i like the idea behind them. I wish i could go to LFW, but i could never afford to go to London from up here, blog posts will have to do ;)

  3. loving the jumper! looks great on you :) x

  4. I love your necklace with this outfit, I have one similar but I can never think what to wear it with!

  5. Gorgeous print! - I agree I'm not sure I'm ready to give us A/W clothes yet (but lucky for us the snow has came wew)

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

    P.s I'm hosting a Rimmel & The Body Shop giveaway,
    Enter here if you fancy :)

  6. I love your jumper, you seriously can't beat an oversized patterned knit! Great little outfit.

    Hannah Check out my Neom giveaway!

  7. Ohh really lovely jumper. I love it x

  8. lovee the print of that sweater, so 90s! x

  9. love this outfit!
    great blog, new follower :)


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