Monday, 22 July 2013

new additions

A few weeks ago I started working with Not on the High Street in order to put together something different than what I usually post on here. I've recently moved house and am really inspired by interior design and home decor ideas so wanted to put a post together of some new additions for my room that I've received. 

I love this glass candlestick*, there's something about glass ornaments/accessories that I really like and this is no exception. It looks very elegant and sits perfectly on my windowsill. I have yet to buy some tea lights but when I do, one will definitely be lit in this candlestick. Another glass ornament that I'm coveting is this lovely glass jar*. The ribbing on it makes it different and I love it! Again it looks very elegant and delicate, living beside my jewellery and perfumes. It definitely makes my corner look pretty! I've decided to store some of my rings in there so they're not scattered everywhere and don't get lost.

Next is this petal tea light* that I've put some of my nail polishes in that I use regularly. When I've bought something that can properly store all of my nail polishes in I'll definitely be putting this to it's proper use and using it as a tea light. I can see it creating such nice effects once it's been lit inside! I might even purchase another one and store my makeup brushes in there. So many uses for it!

This heart jewellery dish* was also sent and it's so cute! It's a really dainty little trinket dish where I just keep my watch at the moment and a couple of rings that I wear daily sometimes live there. Lastly is this floral chalkboard* that came with a small box of chalk. Such a nice addition to my room with a vintage feel to it! 

There are a few more things that I'm looking to buy for my room, including a dressing table and maybe a fabric chair or something like that. I'll definitely be happy once it's all finished!

Massive thanks to Not on the High Street for making this post happen, you should all go over to the website and check some of their stuff out!

Laura x


  1. Such pretty things, will definitely be ordering some for myself! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. I love the glass jar, its so cute! Im a huge sucker for anything interior design related.

    Sophie from SOPHisticatexx

  3. i absolutely love all of these, especially the heart jewellery dish. interior design is beautiful, i'm jealous of the amazing opportunity you've had with not on the high street!


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