Friday, 15 February 2013

LFW Zoe Jordan and Jena Theo

Fashion week has officially started and I am so excited to see what next seasons trends will bring. I'm not actually in London attending LFW this season which makes me sad, I did get sent a few invites but not living in London makes it hard sometimes! However, I decided rather than sitting at home wishing I was there in person, I would do something productive and blog about a couple of the shows that I did receive invites for but unfortunately couldn't attend...

Zoe Jordan was the first show of the season, opening LFW with the most gorgeous designs. These are probably my favourite from the day, with most of my reasoning coming from that first image with the oversized checked coat and bright pink trousers, perfect! The designs are really simple and effortless, but work together so well!

I love the bright colour pops, the pink trousers, the pink top, the orange jumper and the orange making an appearance again on the sleeves in the 3rd photo. The silhouettes are beautiful aswell, with structured designs and geometric shapes, especially in the black and white dress. Each design has got that perfect sophistication about it.

I also love the printed trousers and the same print transferred onto the dress aswell. Colour, checks, geometric structured shapes = My favourite collection of the day.

Jena Theo's collection featured a lot of colour and edgy designs which I love. The hot pink paired with the black in the first image is gorgeous and I especially love the pink at the top round the collar too which balances it out perfectly. The black and white long sleeved crop top and trousers come together to make a monochrome outfit that's really unique, the pattern makes these garments!

The dress in the first image above features Jena's trademark design this season with the smiley face being printed on the back of the invite I received aswell. The oversized dress is such a statement in itself with its edgy design, making it a really individual piece. One of my favourite pieces out of the collection is the dress in the last image, it's quite a feminine look while still in-keeping with the collection's edgy style, the use of colour is so nice and the A-line silhouette makes it different from the other pieces in the collection. I also really like how each model is wearing red shoes of some kind with every piece! 

These are just my thoughts on the collections I had planned on attending but couldn't, I've just watched PPQ's show live online aswell and really liked it! Hopefully I will have time to blog about some of tomorrow's shows aswell, LFW is so exciting!

What do you think of the collections? Have you seen any shows yet? Will you be going to LFW?

Laura x


  1. Great styles! I love the colourful dresses


  2. Wow, some lovely outfits, can't wait to see more of LFW! xxx

  3. loving the first collection, especially that checked coat. Excited to see more shows!


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