Friday, 6 January 2012

Small christmas haul

 Dress from Topshop

 Heels from New Look

 Jumper from Topshop

 Jumper from New Look

 Canvas from Morrisons(!)

 Nail varnishes from Boots. top left - clear, bottom left - pink amazon, right - coral reef

 Shorts from New Look
Shorts from New Look inclusing belt

 Top from Topshop

First of all I want to say Happy New Year to you all, and hope you all had a great Christmas and received lots of nice presents! I was on holiday in the canary islands for christmas which was actually really good and I really enjoyed it. It was different from christmas here in England...I had my christmas dinner by the beach! Be jealous.

Todays post is just going to be a quick christmas one showing you a few things which I received or chose for people to buy me. My main present was a compact digital camera which I love! I asked for a compact because it gets quite annoying carrying round my slr sometimes when I want to use it, so I figured that I can take a smaller camera round in my bag with me, and keep my slr for when I'm doing more professional/photography things. I mainly got clothes, and chose a few nail varnishes too. I absolutely l.o.v.e the canvas I got given too - 'Keep calm and go shopping' Pretty much defines my whole life!

Last couple of photos are just a few outfits that I put together and wore on holiday, for daytime and night. The last one is what I wore to go out on new year's eve, not too dressy or too casual. The top is from Primark which I've featured on a previous post, click here to see it. Then I just wore leggings and my new black wedges.

How was your christmas and new year? What did you get? Link me to your christmas posts on what you received!


  1. HAHAH! Keep Calm & Go Shopping (: I LOVE IT! as well as everything you got. Thumbs up!


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