Thursday, 14 March 2013

GFC to Bloglovin'

Just thought I'd write a quick post on the whole subject of GFC and Bloglovin which seemed to be the main topic of today! GFC is thought to be removed completely in the near future due to Google Reader being removed on July 1st, I'm not really sure on the whole technology side of it etc (haha) but there's a few posts around that explain it all, like this one.

A lot of people are transferring all the blogs they read and follow onto Bloglovin, you can do this through this link, really easy process! I've been reading blogs through Bloglovin for a while now and it's my favourite way to catch up on posts, and you can also download the app for iPhone which I constantly use on the go alllll the time!

I would really appreciate it if you could all go over and follow my blog again through Bloglovin, my link is here. :) Thank you so much! Leave your bloglovin links in the Comments aswell!

Thanks guys,

Laura x


  1. My link is
    its so annoying! xxxx

  2. Sign the petition to see if we can keep it running



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