Sunday, 12 May 2013

denim and dogtooth print

denim jacket: topshop via ebay, tshirt: river island, trousers: topshop, sunglasses: h&m, shoes: barratts*

So if you've been following me on twitter, you'll know that I've been looking for a denim jacket with a faux fur collar for so long. After losing on so many ebay wars I finally won and became the proud owner of this topshop denim jacket. I think I paid around £30 for it, a bit expensive for ebay but it was exactly what I wanted! It also has leather accents on it which you can't really see but I love it so much and have been wearing it endlessly. I didn't want a really cropped one or a massive oversized one so it's also the perfect length. I bought these cigarette trousers a month ago and they're probably one of my favourite pieces, the dogtooth print is amazing and so easy to dress up or down. However, I sometimes find that the zip at the bottom is really sharp and hurts so bad when it catches your skin...does anyone else find this?! Barratts kindly sent me these gorgeous studded blue shoes, they're such a lovely colour and especially good quality. These definitely brighten up my shoe collection up a bit from having so many black shoes! The link is here if you want to buy them!

In other news, you might have figured from the excitement of twitter a week or so ago that I've passed my driving test! I'm so happy that I can finally drive around in my little car after months of driving lessons!

Hope you're all okay,

Laura x

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  1. Love your pants and shoes. You look gorgeous. Congrats on passing your driving test. xx

  2. I love the trousers, I hate zips on the bottom of trousers though! Congrats on passing though! x

  3. Love the jacket, beautiful look! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. You look lovely Laura! I adore that denim jacket! :) x Laura

  5. Great look :) stumbled upon you on twitter, new follower!


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