Sunday, 4 August 2013

Miss Glossybox July-August

The second Miss Glossybox* arrived in the post last week and I definitely wasn't expecting it! I'd completely forgotton so it was a nice surprise to receive it again and discover some more must-have beauty products! You can view my post on the first Miss Glossybox Young Beauty box here. This month it was a purple drawstring bag to mark the summer edition!

The first thing I noticed was the VO5 plump it up dry backcomb spray which retails at £3.69 so very affordable. The consistency reminds me of a hairspray and dry shampoo at the same time. You basically just concentrate on spraying the roots then rub it in like you would with a dry shampoo. I tend to use this in the mornings after I've washed my hair and it's at that stage where it's really soft and has no volume in it! Next from the box are Kiss Nail Wraps which I've never tried before. I never really use nail wraps but will be trying these out to see how long they actually last for. You get 18 strips in a pack aswell as a nail file so definitely worth trying out if you haven't before.

Also included in this month's Miss Glossybox is a Miss Patisserie bath fizzy retailing at only £2. It has an amazing scent that's been lingering in my room and I love it. I have yet to try it out in the bath but bonus points for making my room smell nice! A set of Glossybox eyelashes were also received this month which I can't wait to try out. Lastly, probably my favourite product from the box this month was the Beyonce Midnight Heat perfume sample. It's the perfect size to carry around in my bag and I love the way it smells. Definitely go and spray it next time you're in Boots or somewhere like that! Don't forget you can subscribe to Miss Glossybox for £7 bi-monthly here.

Laura x


  1. This months box looks fab !!

    Really want to try the vo5 spray and I love miss patisserie !


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's a great box this month! You definitely try some of the stuff out! x


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