Saturday, 14 January 2012

MAC Lipsticks

For the duration of the day today I've been sat at home, being lazy and doing absolutely nothing. Well, apart from reading up on reviews about lipsticks from MAC. Oh, and adding more to my wishlist in the process.
I recently bought Please Me last week and I now want to purchase some more! After reading countless reviews, I've finally broken my long list down to 4 lipsticks that are being added to my list of things to buy.
I'm just about to order one from the Mac website so I'm hoping to do a separate review on that one when it arrives. The following are just a few of the lipsticks that I am lusting after, sorry in advance for my terrible descriptions!

These are the four lipsticks which are at the top of my list and ones that I am hoping to invest in soon!

Chatterbox: Chatterbox is one of the first lipsticks on my list and this one is described as a bright red pink on the website. I absolutely love this one, it's a beautiful pink colour, very girly, and has an amplified creme finish. I personally don't think this one is too bright and would be perfect for both daytime and night. (Only just realised that rhymes, wannabe poet obvs...) I was torn between choosing this shade and the one I've just ordered, however I will probably be purchasing this one in the near future! When I was browsing reviews I came across one which was extremely helpful in seeing the actual colour clearly, check it out here.

Angel: This one is a really pretty light pink colour, not too harsh at all and great for daywear. Angel is a frost finish and is described by mac as being a soft pink. I completely agree, the colour is a much paler pink than a lot of mac's pink lipsticks and I think would be perfect for every skintone! Check out clearer photo's of Angel here.

Lovelorn: Lovelorn is described by mac as an emotive blue pink and is a gorgeous bright pink colour however the mac photo doesn't really do it justice! With my current love for pinks this should be perfect for me and anyone else with a love for them. Check out this review I came across here, and also other people's opinions on this lipstick here.

Pink Nouveau: Lastly, this lipstick has a satin finish and is again a lovely bright colour, although a lot brighter than lovelorn. It's vibrant and much like a barbie pink colour. Would look fab with any skin colour and I think everyone needs a bright pink in their makeup collection! Click here to have an idea of what pink nouveau looks like.

So that's it, the top lipsticks that I am loving at the moment and hope to buy soon! All in all, I believe I've had a very productive day. Which MAC lipsticks do you have in your collection? Any other lipsticks you would recommend?

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P.P.S Reviews coming soon!


  1. I really want some MAC lipsticks also, but im more of a nude kind of girl and Hue is defiantly on my long wishlist!
    Great post, they all look really nice colours!

    1. Thank you! Oh I'll have to check that one out :) probably have to be another one added to my list!

    2. i have all of them apart from angel and they're all amazing. chatterbox is my favourite as it goes with everything! pink nouveau is the perfect 60's barbie colour, it looks great on!

      helen @

    3. Chatterbox does look so nice, and I especially love the bright pink in pink nouveau. Definitely need to buy them!

  2. Pink Nouveau and Angel are one of my favorite daily MAC lipsticks!!
    Love MAC<33

    xoxo, maria

  3. I only have one MAC lipstick and I love it!
    Its Fanfare, I dont know whether you have heard of it? and its so beautiful! I have done a review of it on my blog, if youre interested on reading up on anymore lipsticks! Dont feel that I am making you! haha. I hate it when people leave comments on my blog asking me to 'follow them back' or 'check out my blog', so I hope that dosent come across that way!
    I really want to try Angel it looks so natural!

  4. love the pink nouveau one but lovelorn would probably look better on!
    now following!
    mantenso xx


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