Sunday, 15 January 2012

Recent Purchases

These are just a few of the things that I've bought in the past week which I thought I would share with you. Please excuse the quality of the first few pictures (Blogger's fault!). The first is a long blouse from River Island that I think is gorgeous. At £30.00 I wasn't sure whether I should buy it, but I did end up handing over my money and I'm still not sure whether it was a mistake! You can find it here. It is a really nice top and I can think of various things I can wear it with, such as my burgundy colour leggings, etc. I just think that now I've bought it, is there any point in returning it? Ah help me!

The second one is a leopard print top from Primark with a cute black collar on it, too. This was about £8 I think and is nice for everyday wear and would also look great with heels! I really wanted to take some outfit shots with these new items of clothing on but the lighting was really bad, my camera wouldn't stay up, and I had no willing photographers handy! Sorry!

The next is just a plain pink cami that I bought from Primark. I've already got a black one but I needed another one. I think they're nice essentials to have in your wardrobe. I also like the seamfree ones because they're a nicer fit, although just a little bit more expensive than the normal ones. I bought a new phone case for my iPhone 4 and this one was from Dorothy Perkins in the sale for only £5! It was kind of bought on a whim and I hadn't seen anything else that I liked in there so why not!

I bought 'the little blue tin' from Superdrug just because I'd run out of lipbalm and needed something to moisturize my lips. It was cheap aswell at just 99p.
Lastly, when I was on the lookout for a new cleanser I came across these face masks aswell. I actually bought 3 but I've already used one of them. The one I used was really refreshing and I could see that my blemishes had gone down after using it. I'm especially excited to use these two, 1. because it's chocolate! and 2. because the strawberry one will smell divine. Definitely buying more of these and at £1 each you can't really go wrong. I really want to try the peels!

What have you recently bought over the past few weeks? Anything new on your wishlist?

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  1. I love the collar on the primark blouse and the top from river island is gorgeous!

  2. that black and white RI top is amazing! xoxo

  3. The RI top is fantastic! And primark camis are so useful xx

  4. I always feel gutted when I see bloggers with Primark and River Island stuff. I swear I'm going to have to take a trip outside of NYC to get my hands on some of their clothes. hehehe

    great buys! :)


    1. Aw but I feel the same way when I see things that you can only buy in america, we should swap! Thanks :)

  5. Well, I love the first blouse vom River Island! ;-) Adorable!

  6. i love doing those little face masks! i really don't think they help your skin much, but my little sisters and i love doing them :)
    a lovely blog, by the way! i'm officially a follower!
    take care, lady!



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