Saturday, 28 January 2012

Week in pictures

 If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that I've had such a busy week with exams, revision and all that kinda stuff, so when Friday came around I was ready to chill in the biggest bubble bath e v e r with my chocolate face mask on (yes, chocolate!!) Just a few quick photos I've taken on Instagram this week, not the best quality! Hoping to get some more fashion/beauty blogposts up soon when I have time to plan them, fingers crossed tomorrow. 

1. Galaxy chocolate by my bedside, says it all really. 2. Stole these jelly snakes off my sister, oops. 3. VO5 Miracle mist has been my life saviour, review perhaps? 4. My beloved make-up bag. 5. All I did when I got in from school was change into the biggest hoodie I could find. 6. My dad bought a 3D tv the other day, whole family casually sitting there together watching Coronation Street with these evidently cool glasses on. 7. Had to memorise 300 words for my german assessment, stress.ful. 8. Books I'm reading. 9. Sister has a One Direction calendar, (not me, I swear!) zayn is the best. *fangirl alert* 10. 3D glasses look so fashionable on me. 11. Temple Run is all I've been playing on recently, much like everyone else. Best game ever. 12. My favourite pj bottoms are these leopard print ones, so comfy and warm. 13. Noodles, mmm. 14. Love coming into my room and seeing this everyday, excuse to go shopping? I think so.

How's your week been? What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Those Natural Sweet Company Snakes are AMAZING!!
    x George - dont forget to enter my giveaway!

  2. Nice pics!

  3. I always love posts like these. Your weeks looks really fun but bussy!

    Happy sunday honey!


  4. thankyou for sending me your link on #bbloggers! Ahh you've made me so hungary for these jelly snakes now! They're my favourite! :D Oh and I followed you! xxxx

  5. "one day" is an amazing book! (:



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