Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Missguided and Topshop wishlist

Quick post tonight, 1. because Geordie Shore is on (yes, I do watch it, don't judge ha!) 2. because I am participating in the #askfrankie/#askkirk hashtag and am determined to make them notice me & get a tweet back from Frankie Cocozza & Kirk Norcross and 3. because I have finally found something to blog about so I want to get it up and posted before my eyes shut and I retreat to my best friend: my bed.

I've managed to save up a little bit of money and was browsing the MissGuided website tonight, and I actually came across some really nice pieces! I've never bought anything off there before but judging by the things I came across today, I now have a reason to part with the money in my purse that evidently, is not saved in there for long. I made an account and created a small wishlist of the clothes that I liked, so I thought I'd share that with you :) I am in l o v e with the teal colour blouse, that's probably top of my list! Both of the leggings here and here, I really like, and I also love the lace insert top. The wedges kind of speak for themselves, beautiful. I also took a sneeky peek on the Topshop website and fell in love with the two blouses, the black and white one is just a bit different than the usual plain ones I wear and the second one is a gorgeous lilac colour, it's so pretty! I've also been looking for a denim shirt, they're really versatile and I've wanted one for a while! If anyone knows anywhere or seen the blouses/denim shirt, or any of the above anywhere at a cheaper price, then please please please let me know :)

You should go and check out both websites for the stock they've got in at the moment!


  1. love the shoes!
    & defo watched geordie shore tonight aswell ahaaa
    really don't like the new girl !
    mantenso xx

  2. I love the first shirt from missguided and the jean shirts from topshop!


  3. i'm in love with all that stuff!
    i'm your newest follower, here's lik of my blog, check it out ;)


  4. Adore the blouse from misguided, and the wedges.. they're seriously gorgeous colours!x

  5. oh, i love all these shirts! :)


  6. There's always loads of denim shirts in charity shops. I love the striped shirt x

  7. I love the sleeveless topshop blouse!


  8. eeee i want that striped topshop blouse!! so cool


  9. Oh you have amazing taste lady! Absolutely love the legggings on here especially and the sleeveless topshop blouse! So fierce :) I want those wedges too! Too much to tempt me!



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