Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Purple touch

top | h&m // shorts | forever 21 // heels | new look // necklace | diva @ miss selfridge

Took these photos today with my new tripod! After the #bbloggers chat on Sunday, I decided to have a look around and order a tripod to use for outfit pictures etc, but before I ordered one my dad mentioned that he already had one! It works perfectly and today's outfit was just an excuse to use it! It's been quite a warm day today so thought I'd be brave and put on some shorts, just like the rest of england does when the sun seems to make an appearance... 

The shorts are from Forever 21 on Oxford St and I always feel a little bit nostalgic because they remind me of London and my favourite people. Really excited to go back down in the summer, love getting on the train and knowing in a few hours I'll be shopping and drinking endless cups of iced coffee in my favourite city.

I'm cheating a bit here because I didn't actually go out in these heels today but just thought they would look really nice with the rest of the outfit and kind of fits in with the whole neon trend at the moment.

I should really be revising right now but getting so distracted again! Went out this afternoon food shopping with my mum, thanks to Millie! She sent me an email with a looong list of dairy-free snacks and I've just stocked up on them, she has a blog so go and check it out because she's so lovely!

Should hopefully be getting another delivery before the end of this week so keep checking back for updates. Hope you're having a nice week so far! Remember if you have any questions you'd like to ask then go to my Tumblr :)


  1. Heels go great with the rest of the outfit! Love it!

  2. love your top! ah I really love London too!xxx

  3. Love your H&M top and your heels are gorgeous. I love London - has to be one of my favourite cities and think living only an hour away means I can visit it enough without getting sick of it! ~ox


  4. This outfit is so gorgeous :)
    So lucky with a tripod :)

    Laura xoxo

  5. You look lovely Laura, i love the heels and the necklace is gorgeous(:


  6. Lovely coordinate! The bright shoes are so gorgeous :) x

  7. really love this top! i've really been into funky/tribal patterns lately :)


  8. love that top

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  9. such a cute outfit! perfectly casual for a hot summer day and you're right those shoes go amazingly with this outfit. I'm also meant to be studying but...I'm here haha
    good luck!

  10. love the shoes! really nice summery outfit :) xxx

  11. i really want to get a tripod after the #bbloggers chat too! love the top! :) xo


  12. amen to the tripod! it's always a winner, and then you don't have to deal with the camera falling off everything!
    love this top, the print is so perfect.x

  13. You're so lucky with your tripod! I neeed to buy myself one! Really love this outfit! The heels are beautiful!

    xoxo, Laura

  14. I love the pattern on that top and the heels are such an amazing colour!

    Julia x

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  16. love the way you've styled this outfit with those shoes, they are such a gorgeous colour! looking so pretty!


    X X X

  17. I love this, the shoes are the perfect finishing touch! x

  18. I love this outfit, so summery with the Aztec top and bright shoes! xx

  19. Lovely outfit as always lauraaa! Thank you for the little mention very sweet! ..p.s this post left me craving a trip to london! wah! xxxx


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