Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Monochrome denim

blazer: new look, denim: zara, tshirt: topshop, bag: zara via depop, sunglasses, trainers: primark

Introducing my new favourite bag. I believe it was around the £60/70 mark in Zara but I bought it at a fraction of the price from a seller on depop for £12. Along with the price tag my favourite thing about it is also the detailing on the front of the bag, I just love the design of it and it's actually a lot more spacious inside than I thought it would be. On the subject of Zara the shorts are from the sale and are such a perfect fit. Sometimes it's hard to find denim shorts that cover your dignity but these ones tick all the boxes! If you follow me on Twitter you might remember that I was trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and purchase some New Balance but I got scared and couldn't justify spending that much money at the moment, so these monochrome Primark trainers will have to do for now, definitely not a patch on New Balance but for £6 I can't really complain! The longline blazer is from New Look and I love it so much, I've been wanting to get myself one for a while. It's pretty easy to transition into A/W aswell by layering! 

Hope you're all ok!

Laura x

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  1. You look amazing, love this look and your hair is gorgeous! xx

  2. This is a great outfit. Those Primark trainers look awesome too for £6! x

    1. Thank you! Definitely a bargain! x

  3. Great outfit choice! I love that bag x

    Gegsy Blog

  4. Really nice casual look!
    Love the sunnies!



  5. Love this look and definitely going to have to take a look at that blazer, love it!


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